E-filing Writs and Fillable Forms – New Procedures 3/25/20

In addition to e-filing writs, and in an effort to cut down on in person time at the courthouse and jail, we now have the ability to remotely submit agreed bond reductions and PR Bonds in the Dallas County District Courts.  There is also a procedure for the County Courts which Michaela & Theo will be sending out later.

This is the procedure for District Courts.

1.      Contact your DA ahead of time and see what agreement can be reached.  This procedure should be used only for agreements on bond issues at this time.  If you cannot reach an agreement contact your specific Judge to ask how they would like it handled.  Some Judges are setting up procedures to hold video conferenced hearings if counsel is in agreement. 

2.       If pre-indictment, E-file your writ of habeas corpus.  I have attached an application in .pdf format for you to either fill in electronically, or print, fill out, scan and efile.  To e-file a writ:

a.       Go to your E-file Service Provider and select “Start A New Case”

b.       Fill out

           i.      Location:  Dallas County District Clerk Criminal

           ii.      Category:  Civil – Related to Criminal Matters

           iii.      Case Type:  Writ of Habeas Corpus – Pre-Indictment

c.       Complete the Party Information

d.       Upload your completed .pdf writ under Fillings

e.       Select the “Waiver” for Fees and Submit your filling. 

 3.        Once your writ is e-filed, e-mail your Judge an electronic PR Bond (also attached to this e-mail) or the agreed bond amount and copy the District Attorney you were working with on the e-mail.  The Assistant District Attorney will confirm with the Judge that the bond is agreed.

4.       The Judge will receive the writ and docket sheet from the District Clerk, fill out their appropriate paperwork, and return it to the District Clerk who will process it to the jail.  The Jail Will Facilitate Your Client’s Signature On The Bond So You Do Not Need To Meet With Them In Person

If your case is indicted, follow the same procedure just skipping the filing of the writ of habeas corpus.  E-mail your Judge and ADA the agreed bond, the Judge will make electronic notations on the docket sheet and electronically sign the PR Bond (if necessary) and forward that information to the District Clerk who will forward the information to the jail.  You do not need to make an in person appearance.

If there are any changes to the procedure, I will update everyone as soon as possible.  If you have any specific technical questions, or if your paperwork is lost somewhere in the process please e-mail Tia Finney-Davenport (Tia.Finney-Davenport@dallascounty.org).  Please be patient with this procedure as it is new, and will take some adaptations for all of the parties. 

The PDF documents are available for download here:

  PR Bond fillable

  Writ of Habeas Corpus Bond Review