CCC 10 Policies Updated With Forms

Download the CCC 10 Forms Here:

  CCC10 Updated Forms 05-07-2020

Hi Team,

Bree West (President of DBCBA), James Edmonds (chief prosecutor for CCC 10), and I had a very fruitful video chat with Judge Mullin today. She clarified her previous emails about handling cases in CCC 10. I hope the following information helps alleviate some of the confusion surrounding handling cases in that court:

  1. Reset dates will still be sent to me on Monday morning, so I will continue to forward them to the list serve. If you have something set in CCC 10 in a given week, expect the date to come out on Monday morning.
  3. All Pass slips must be emailed to
  4. Pass Slip Requirements:
    1. Court Reset Date
    2. Type of Setting
    3. State’s Recommendation
    4. The Defense Attorney and ADA Signature
    5. Proof of CD BIPP/AM agreement enrollment or classes must be submitted with pass slip 
    6. If the case has a Felp setting the case must be reset for the Court reset date or the same date as the Felp court date.  The Felp case no. must also be notated on the pass slip with the following after the Felp case no. if applicable:

                                             i.     ST (Same Transaction)

                                           ii.     SCW (Same Complaining Witness)

                                          iii.     SHLD ( Same Household)

                                          iv.     NST (Not Same Transaction)

  1. The DA’s in CCC 10 are:
    1. James Edmonds, Chief                                       H-O
    2. Megan Reed, No. 2                                                   A-G
    3. Mackensie Pfleger, No. 3                              P-Z
  2. Final Plea settings (bond)- there are a lot on the docket tomorrow (5/8) and on May 21.
    1. If you wish to reset the final plea because you are not wanting to dispose of it over teleconference, you are welcome to reset them via pass slip (signed by DA with all necessary information on them) emailed to . The reset for a final plea setting for cases set tomorrow (5/8) is June 9.
    2. If you wish to reset a final plea setting for tomorrow (5/8) in order to set the case for trial, follow the procedures above and use the June 9 date.
    3. If you wish to dispose of your client’s case by plea for backtime or class c, you can do so with the attached plea forms. Fill the forms out, sign them, have your client sign them, and then email them to the DA on your case. The DA can forward them to the court for your remote plea. Email first thing and let Judge Mullin know that you have a plea lined up for that day. She will need your email and your client’s email if they will not be with you. She will correspond with you and send you a Teams invitation to complete the plea.
    4. If you wish to do a bond plea for probation, you can use the above procedure, but need to include probation. The probation officer for the court is Latoya Norman and the supervisor is Ms. Logan. The best way to get with Ms. Norman is to call the main probation line at 214-653-5300. Judge Mullin said that the probation officer has been in most days, but may or may not be able to complete several cases’ probation conditions the morning of a remote plea, so it would be best to contact her in advance of your desired plea date. Some of these just may have to be reset to get these ducks in a row for remote pleas.
  3. Jail Pleas
    1. Use the necessary forms from the attached documents. You need to fill in everything that you can on the forms, and send them to the DA on your case. The DA can sign their part and send the paperwork to the court’s bailiff, who can print the paperwork out and have your client sign it in court. If you need to speak to your client in the holdover briefly before the plea, you can do that via Teams, as the bailiff is able to put a tablet in front of the holdover glass. Best practice here would be a jail call to go over the plea more thoroughly prior to just sticking paperwork in front of them in court. Also, you are able to go in person to court if you are so inclined, but do not have to with these measures in place.
  4. Judge Mullin has a new court coordinator! Her name is Chelsea (sp?) Stanley. She should be answering some of the emails with Judge Mullin on the court email address while she gets all of her emails, etc. set up.
  5. Judge Mullin is not bond forfeiting or holding bonds insufficient at this time, but when things open up, that will change. She encourages everyone to reset your cases, as several cases have just never been reset the last few weeks. She said that, when in doubt, email her at the court email address if you do not know what you need to do on a case.
  6. Defendants’ appearances are waived until June 1, 2020 unless changes are made due to COVID-19

As a reminder for this week:

  • The Court’s reset date for all bond settings is 6-8-2020, except:
  • Felp reset date 6-8-2020 or same date as the Felp Court date
  • CD Agreement must be reset for the next date in the CD agreement, proof of enrollment and/or CD agreement must accompany the pass slip when emailed to the court.
  • Mental Health CD Agreement must be reset for the next date in the MH Agreement

Keep up the good work!

Sheridan Lewis, DCDLA President