COVID 19 Practice Resources as of 5/22/20

We are working to confirm and compile new policies and protocols from courts, jails, probation departments, etc. Thank you to all of you who have reported to us what you’ve learned from your contacts and court experiences. We are also trying to encourage courts and elected officials to enact uniform policies that limit our membership exposure to others in a court or jail setting, while still addressing urgent client matters (particularly of those who are incarcerated).


Individual Resources 05/22

  Dallas DA List – Updated


Individual Resources 04/15

  Ellis County District and County Courts


Individual Resources 04/14

  Waiver of Bail Hearing Form


Individual Resources 04/10

  Prosecutor Email Addresses *Updated 4/10


Individual Resources 04/06

  Updated Contact Information for Prosecutors 4/06


Individual Resources 04/03

  Visitation for Jailed Defendants 3-25-20

Remote Plea for Felony and Misdemeanor Jailed Defendants During Pandemic


Individual Resources 04/02

  Misdemeanor Prosecutor Email Addresses  *updated

Writ of Habeas Corpus Application


Individual Resources 3/31

  Defense Claim for Service or Expenses-fillable


Individual Resources 3/27

  Procedures for CDC 2 – Judge Kennedy  *Please note, when contacting the Court to include all attorneys involved as to avoid ex parte situations


  Efiling WX Writs 03.26.20 for Attys


  Electronic Process for Writs


Individual Resources 3/26

  Misdemeanor ADAs and Emails updated


Individual Resources 3/25

  39.14 Compliance Form

  Admonition Family Violence ENGLISH

  Admonition Family Violence SPANISH

  Admonition on Plea Against The Advice of Counsel

  Bail Review Hearing Waiver ENGLISH

  Bail Review Hearing Waiver SPANISH

  Judicial Admonition & Plea Agreement-CCC4

  MMA Waiver

  Name Change Order

  Order of Nondisclosure

  P.R. Bond Form

  Pass slip fillable

  Personal Data Info Sheet ENGLISH

  Personal Data Sheet SPANISH

  Plea of True

  Possible Consequences of Violation of Community Supervision

  Property Release

  Waiver of Jury


Individual Resources 3/24



Individual Resources 3/23

  Dallas Misdemeanor Prosecutor Contact List


417th District Court Juvenile Resources 3/20

  Pass Slip Updated 3.19.2020

  Paysheets and Pleas Procedures final

  Remote Hearing Procedures


Individual Resources 3/19

  Ellis County Plan

  COVID 19 Bail Motion Template

  Exhibit 1 – Declaration of Dr. Jaimie Meyer

  Child Abuse ADAs and Emails as of 03162020

  Family Violence ADAs and Emails

  Felony Trial Courts ADAs and Emails

  Sexual Assault Division ADAs and Emails

  Specialized, Gang, CRT, Organized ADAs and Emails


Individual Resources 3/18

  2020 Press Release Dallas County Cancels All Jury Trials through May 8 2020

  Collin County felony pass slip

  Collin County Practice Tips

  Dallas Consent to Plea by Video

  Dallas County Felony Pass Slip

  Dallas County Misd Pass Slip

  Dallas County Skype Plea Instructions

  Dallas District Courts Order

  Dallas Felony Courts ADAs

  Dallas Felony Courts Contact List

  Dallas Misd. ADAs

  Dallas Misd. Courts Contact List

  Dallas Org Chart Mar 2020

  NDTX Federal Order

  Tarrant Court Directory – Oct 2018

  TX Ct. Crim Appeals 3 13 20 CoVid Emergency Order