COVID UPDATE: Info from Dallas Co. Judges as of 06/23/2020

We are working to confirm and compile new policies and protocols from courts, jails, probation departments, etc. Thank you to all of you who have reported to us what you’ve learned from your contacts and court experiences. We are also trying to encourage courts and elected officials to enact uniform policies that limit our membership exposure to others in a court or jail setting, while still addressing urgent client matters (particularly of those who are incarcerated).

Info from the Dallas Co. Judges June 23, 2020:

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Individual Resources:

Judge List for Centralized Info

Bipp Providers

Blank Evaluation Form

CCC 11 Judge Kelly

Dallas County Pretrial Services Conditions of Bond for Alcohol Monitoring

Defense Claim for Services or Expenses

Trial Docket CDC 2 – Dallas Co.

Online BIPP and AM

Pass Slip A

Pass Slip B

Personal Data Sheet

PR Bond – Fillable

Writ of Habeas Corpus Bond Review – Fillable