The Macy Jaggers Scholarship

Macy Jaggers was known for her dauntless work in defense of her clients, as well as her ceaseless service to fellow attorneys. In recognition of the way she dedicated her life to helping others, the Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association created the Macy Jaggers Scholarship to provide financial assistance to eligible criminal defense attorneys. In light of Macy’s reputation for being a mentor to newer attorneys learning the practice of criminal defense, this scholarship will help attorneys access CLE’s that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

Upon submission of a completed application, the DCDLA Board will review the application and determine whether the applicant is eligible, the request is in line with the spirit of the scholarship, and the demonstrated financial need is sufficient to merit a scholarship. Applications may be submitted on a rolling basis, but must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the CLE’s registration deadline, or the date of the CLE if there is no registration deadline. Scholarship funds are to be distributed from the fund according to the discretion of the DCDLA Board. If a scholarship is awarded, the amount of the scholarship may or may not be the full amount of the request. The scholarship shall be funded by donations, which may be made at any time by visiting the following link:

Donate to the Macy Jaggers Scholarship Fund

It is the hope of the Dallas County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association to honor Macy Jaggers and continue her legacy of service with this scholarship.

  • Application

  • Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible to apply for a Macy Jaggers Scholarship, an attorney must submit the following application to the DCDLA Board (email below) and meet the following requirements:

    • Be a licensed attorney in good standing with the State Bar of Texas;
    • Practice a significant part of their criminal defense work in Dallas County;
    • Be a current member of the DCDLA;
    • Request financial assistance to attend a specific CLE; and
    • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Contact Information

  • Request and Financial Need

  • Please explain the reason for your request. Specifically, please identify the name, date(s), location, topic, and cost of the CLE.
  • Please explain your financial circumstances, the specific amount of financial assistance you are requesting, and why you are seeking this scholarship.
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